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Listening To: Art Tatum

A little mood music . . . . Advertisements

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Listening To: Dio

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D’Priest Tour – Day One

So, if you wrote a script based on the D’Priest tour, Quentin Tarantino would reject it as unbelievable. This story is just day one! The first show on the first leg was at the Mason Jar in Phoenix, Arizona, which … Continue reading

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What I’m Listening To: Band Maid

Maybe just a little bit of Legs Diamond in this 😉 Man, these girls can play! BAND-MAID Live in Mexico with a song I haven’t heard before. This song is BAD ASS, great funk groove . . . and they … Continue reading

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What I’m Listening To: Journey

Sometimes it just fits.

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My Facebook Musician Page is Live

Anyone interested is invited to follow my musician page I’m trying to transfer the music posts there. Here’s a music link:

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Pranks (one of many)

First off, you have to understand the band prank mentality: If the prank was probably survivable, it was “Inbounds”. With that in mind, during the sound check for the San Antonio show I mentioned in the last post, the sound … Continue reading

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Opening for Legs Diamond

Just after Made in Heaven was released, Jag Wire was booked to open for Legs Diamond at an outside venue in Texas . . . I think it was Hanging Gardens in San Antonio. I love Legs Diamond, one of … Continue reading

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Listening To: Deep Purple

take a look at these dirty hands take a look at this face these blazing eyes do you see me as a broken man tell me are you really that blind you got yourself a load of trouble now you … Continue reading

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Memories: The Cult

The caption credits this show as being in the Netherlands, but I don’t think so. That’s definitely me on keys, I would say somewhere in the United States or Canada. Anyhoo . . . my keyboard intro with the Cult.

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