Road Stories: Bar Fights

D'Priest post London, road stories, bar fightsOverall, I think D’Priest got into more fights than any other band I was with but the funniest happened one night in some little club in the mid west . . . .

We were in the middle of Money Honey and suddenly I hear the unmistakable sound of a mic hitting the floor–and suddenly there were no lead vocals.

I could see a fight at the front of the stage . . . then there was no guitar.

We went on playing–just bass, keys and drums for a few bars–then I see Brian take his bass off and stage-dive into the crowd, leaving just Krigger and I.

Finally I said, ‘F*** it’ and dove in. I have no idea how long Krigger kept playing, but the effect of each instrument dropping out one-by-one was hysterical.

Just one night of many, in the life of a touring musician LOL


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