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Jag Wire: Meeting Chris

After Howard left, we started looking for a guitar player, and Anthony mentioned this guy named Chris McLernon . . . . What most people don’t get, is chemistry–whatever you want to call it–is everything in a band. Joe and … Continue reading

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Memories: The Cult

The Cult 1989, sound check and interview. I think I see me. . . . Could be Bigfoot or Nessie. Hard to tell! LOL Cool stuff anyway . . . .

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Sin: Meeting Joe

After the split with Rik we needed a new bass player, so we set up auditions. We tried a few guys who were recommended, and also had an open audition. First, I should say, auditioning for anyone always sucks, you … Continue reading

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Memories: Centaur and Badaxxe

So, as I chronicle my adventures through time and space, I was actually in Phoenix twice . . . . In the early 80’s, I was in a band called Ripper with Tim Davis, Phil Salvail, Kenny Carpenter (sound engineer) … Continue reading

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Ha! Thanks Brazil . . .

You never know what you’re going to find when you start looking . . . . Searching the Internet for old fliers and shots of clubs where I’ve played and found that Sin’s single is being played on AOR Night … Continue reading

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My Soundcloud: Green Onions

Another experiment with digital B3 \ Leslie tones. The timeless Green Onions served Frog style

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I’ve met some great people, had some amazing adventures and through it all, music has been my constant. Continue reading

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