Opening for Legs Diamond

Just after Made in Heaven was released, Jag Wire was booked to open for Legs Diamond at an outside venue in Texas . . . I think it was Hanging Gardens in San Antonio.

I love Legs Diamond, one of my LA favorites, but Texas loves them more. Add to that the fact that the show was part of the “We are the World” multi-concert event–or something like that–and the crowd was huge. My Mom–being not just my Mom, but a Mom and one of the BAND Moms–gave me one of those disposable cameras. (You kids probably don’t remember, but long ago in a galaxy far away . . . never mind wrong story!) Anyway before digital came along, the really hip thing was disposable cameras. Well, I had one–packed away in my gear and pretty much forgotten about while we were on the road, to tell the truth.

But . . . When I saw the crowd, I remembered the camera, pulled it out, walked to the edge of the stage, and yelled “Smile!” into the mic. This is that photo:
Jag Wire, Texas, San Antonio, live, concert, Legs Diamond opener


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