Memories: Jag Wire

Here’s one of those behind the scenes stories . . . Our manager had never heard me play classical piano before, and walked in as I was playing Waltz in C# minor by Chopin.

That influenced how this was recorded, originally, when we did it live the piano was simpler, after hearing the Chopin, Keith asked that it be more “Chopin’ish.”

Looking back now,to my ears, it sounds a little overplayed for a power ballad. Ah well, older and wiser. Well, older anyway . . . 😉

The title track for the first Jag Wire album. Okay, the only Jag Wire album. LOL


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Musician (keyboards), composer and computer technician, with a whole lot of road wear. I'm sharing memories of the Hollywood metal years, touring with The Cult and a lot of projects that I've worked on between 1978 and into the future.
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