Sin: Meeting Joe

Joey Cristofanilli, Ratt, bassist, Sin, LA metalAfter the split with Rik we needed a new bass player, so we set up auditions. We tried a few guys who were recommended, and also had an open audition. First, I should say, auditioning for anyone always sucks, you never know what they are really looking for, I hate them . . . .

Anyway, the Glam thing was gaining traction, and we auditioned a lot of younger guys who would come in wearing their stage gear, with their hair all “bouffed” up. They would have the latest version of the BC Rich Warlock, bright lime-green EVH graphics . . . and like I said–auditioning sucks, so nothing against that. Some of them could play in that style; it just wasn’t what we were looking for. Sin never was a “glam band”, although some of those early photos might look like it.

So this goes on for a few days: “Hey man . . . thanks . . . we’ll call . . . next.”

Then one afternoon I look up and see this guy standing in the door. I kid you not; he was half dragging this P-Bass case that was duct taped together. In fact it was mostly duct tape. Then I looked at the guy closer, and he was sort of duct taped together too–starting with his shoes. Looked like he probably had a head of curly hair, but it was pulled back with what I learned later was the sleeve off his shirt. Ripped up jeans and some ragged tour shirt from the seventies. And I don’t mean Melrose ripped up, those holes were earned.

So someone says, “This is Joey Cristofanilli, he was just in Ratt.” We shake hands all around, and he pulls this P-Bass out of the case that looked like Jimi Hendrix had set it on fire in ’69. I think it was originally red . . . there was very little paint left on it. But I could tell that bass got a lot of attention (which did not involve duct tape), and my interest was piqued.

He plugs in, and immediately lights a cigarette and sticks it in the headstock, behind the e-string between the tuning pegs and looks up like, “You guys ready?”
That instant, I knew this guy can play! That was how I met Joe.


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